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by Dan

Gdańsk Oliwa (Oliva) is worth of your visit. You can easily take the train from Old Town (Gdańsk Głowny).

Oliwa is worth of your visit

Oliwa (or Oliva) is one of the quarters of Gdańsk. When clicking the Google map you can see that it borders:

    • from the north with Sopot;
    • from the east with Przymorze and Żabianka;
    • from the south with the districts of Strzyża, VII Dwór and Brętowo;
    • from the west with Matarnia and Osowa.

While not far from Gdańsk, it is most definitely worth of your visit. Oliwa mainly consists out of forests and has nice walking paths leading you to Gdynia or Sopot. It also has a Zoo.

Worth seeing is Oliwa Park with the Abbot’s PalaceAbbot’s Granary, …

Aside from this sightseeing, it also is appealing for foreign investors that have been attracted to the Oliwia Gate Business Centre. In these office building lots of foreign companies are established. At the moment they are working on the tallest office building of the region: the Oliwia Star. Also the Alchemia Office buildings are very popular to foreign companies.

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