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Photograph taken by Sorin Lucian – View on Merchants houses and the crane from the other side of Motława river in Old Town by night.

Old Town, known as the City Centre (Śródmieście)

Śródmieście is one of the districts in Gdańsk and means “city centre”. It is commonly referred to as ‘Main City’, ‘Old Town’, or simply ‘Gdańsk’ as this was the original area of the city. It neighbours the Motlawa river in the north east and Wrzeszcz in the north west. The Old Town is the part of the city north of the modern city center.

Places you can visit there are among others: Gdańsk Granaries, Gdańsk Mills, Gdańsk Town Hall, Monument of King Sobieski, The Polish Post Office, Preachers’ House, several old buildings and churches.

There is a direct train connection from the airport to the Old Town as you will arrive at the Main Station of Gdańsk. It is also easiy accessible by taxi/cab.

Old Town, Main Town, New Town, Young Town, …

I want to have an easy transparent menu navigation structure. After giving this a good thought, I came to an insight. Dividing the touristic places in Gdańsk into too many boroughs will become too complicated both for me as for you as foreigner/tourist. I would appreciate feedback on what would be easy and convenient for you: please let me know via mail or even better, leave a comment below. This is a blog after all!

Places to see in Old Town

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