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by Dan

Dan, Author and Founder of Traveltricitypoland.com – Picture taken at Sopot Beach.

Meet & Greet

I am working fulltime as an IT Service desk agent and more information about me can be found in the About Me section of this blog. I have a simple request in which you can help me out: help me change my life: I want to redirect my life to the things that really matter to me! Want to know how? Via a Meet & Greet, allow me to better know you and help you out during your stay in this region of Poland. If you need virtual help, I can get this for you as well: we offer a  Blog/Website Makeover.

How can I help you?

Picture this…
I get you from the airport, I welcome you with a free drink on a bellevue point, bring you to your hotel/apartment/hostel/airbnb and provide you a little program what you could visit during your stay.
I pick you up for a walk/bike ride in the nearby forests and bring you to yet another bellevue point. After the workout, I bring you to a welness center to recover from your efforts. Next I pick you off and drop you off at a nice restaurant to provide your eyes with a fiesta of flavours and tastes.

Does this look promising to you? Here are only few of the things I can do for you…

If you are interested fill out the form below.

Drive to/from airport

Getting you from and to the airport is the least… This includes obviously a meet and great with yours truly and I offer you a free drink (cava/prosecco). Aside from soothing your soul, I will tell provide you info as to what you could be visiting during your stay. I will tell you which places are worth to go out eating (basing on my own experience), pubs that are worth going to, wellness places, etc.

Guiding around

This has nothing to do with dictating you every single minute but rather bringing you to places in tricity that are a bit remote and/or worth seeing/visiting and less known. It can be that I will be driving you or will accompany you in taxi to guide you around. At a moment you decide our ways can split. You are in control of what you want to see/experience etc.


I know and I have been there: a holiday should be a holiday! No hastle, no efforts, no worries, total zen! You leave work behind and that’s it. But suppose some of you want to combine the educational to the fun/entertainment? Maybe you will come with a team of people and want to have a mix between entertainment and self-development? Just maybe you want to get some insights from specialists/experts on various subjects during a nice relaxing holiday? Imagine this would be possible…
What trainings/sessions/workshops would you be interested in?

  • ‘Non-violent communication’
  • ‘A coaching session’
  • ‘Action-learning’, …

Yes I have a network of people who are able to provide such high quality trainings.

Organize sports/outdoors activities

You fancy walking in nearby forests and have some breathtaking viewpoints? You like nordic walking? You prefer biking? You want to go kayaking? Fancy a boat/sailing tour? Do you need it organized? I can organize this for you. I can drop you off at a certain point, give you directives and collect you on the arrival point… Everything is possible…

Belgian beer-tastings

I am a Belgian and I got lost here in this beautiful region of Poland. Ok you are in Poland and by all means you should try out local food and drinks (wodka, is the most famous one) but still… you may want to taste some good old Belgian beer. Discover why the Belgians are known for even in Poland and be tempted to experience a Belgian beer tasting with great international food.


You want to feel safe and want a person who knows something about clubs and good pubs? I can bring you to these clubs and can drive you back as well. Maybe you want to organise a bachelor/hen party in Poland? All this can be done…

Finding you a job in tricity

Aside from the beauty you already have discovered it via this blog. Also in business perspectives it is a great region to hang out. You may consider moving as finding a job abroad is something you are craving for? I can help you in finding you a proper job. My network comprises quite some HR-people with lots of experience.

Real estate investments

Do you want to invest in a country that is developing very fast and where life is good? I can help you in your search to buy a house/apartment. Investing in this region will pay off itself in a couple of years.

Blog/Website makeover


Meet & Greet - Enquiry
Ask for a price estimate basing on the below wishes.

  • Mail me – info@traveltricitypoland.com (mail address is not clickable to avoid spam)
    Note as subject in your mail: ‘Meet and greet’ or ‘Meet and greet + transfer’
  • Find me on linkedin
  • Find me on Fb: facebook.com/dan.micu (link is not clickable to avoid spam)
    Facebook fanpage will be coming up

Mention in your mail how you helped me to promote this blog actively and when you book a Meet & Greet session, you will receive a gift !

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