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Mariacka Street

by Dan

Mariacka Street, one of the cosiest places to walk through in summertime.

Mariacka Street

Summertime is approaching (even though honestly I cannot see it yet). People are wondering: where to go. What part of Gdańsk will give us this factor 10 of cuteness? Why not try to smell the atmosphere while walking through the Mariacka Street (St.Mary’s Street)? You can access from your walk along the Motława river. While walking through this street, you will walk through one of the most authentic parts of Old Town. The street begins at the St. Mary’s Basilica. It runs parallel to the Motława and the Mariacka Gate. The street is closed to traffic.

In summertime there is an abundance of flowers. You can see the old doors, entrances to cellars that were used by merchants in the Middle Ages to bring out their goods.Walking here is walking through the past. Excavations made here, confirm the presence of medieval shoemakers in the Middle Ages. Nowadays local merchants are selling the amber jewelry for which Gdańsk is known here.

Panieńska Street

Mariacka Street was formerly named Panieńska Street (= Maiden Street). Latin sources are mentioning the Platea Dominae Mariae (= Lady Maria’s Street) or Platea Dominae Nostrae (Our Maria’s Street). At any rate, there is the clear link to the Basilica/church which has been built for Virgin Mary. In the 16th century the street was shorter due to the bog area. This changed after the construction of the Mariacka Gate. Historically the gate was already mentioned at the end of the 15th century.
The buildings in Mariacka Street are characteristic for the architecture of Gdansk’s lintels.

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