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by Dan

Hello there… Believe it or not, but little as this blog is, it is viewed approximately 150 unique times per day and in summer time the amount of unique views have tripled. Thank you guys and gals! Here is what you have been waiting for… Something that every blog (dare not to use the word website) needs to have. An original FAQ section. If you have a question that is not listed in the FAQ that is not in the list, please shoot! Maybe other people have the same question and it will be listed here.

What do you hope to achieve with your blog?

Aside eternal fame and glory (LMAO)?! I just want people who are visiting this beautiful region of Poland to have some information, not too much, not too less about the places that are worth visiting. If you expect scientific in-depth articles about topics then sorry, yes, this blog may not be for you.

My dream is to make a living of my passion. I am working hard towards that.

Who is your target group?

Good question! I tend to focus on tourists or ex-pats who are new to this region of Poland. According to my statistics many Polish people seem to be interested in this blog as well. Not sure whether these are tourists but fact is: this blog offers short summaries to the places worth to see.

I also focus on local businesses who can provide services to expats/tourists in the broad sense of the word, going from guiding to programming your new website.

Why are your articles short?

Ok please define short! They are about 300 words (mostly a bit more). My intention is not to provide lengthy articles as that honestly already exists. Providing too less information would be a bit disrespectful to the many beautiful historical places. So the golden rule lays somewhere between. Also as you already may have found out, there are quite some (mostly external) links in the articles so that you are redirected to more sources.

Why are you using Wikipedia?

Look… I do not want to imitate anything. It is pointless! I choose Wikipedia as starting point for my research but I cannot list the many brochures, books or articles I use. Wikipedia is a great source of information because of the social qualitative supervision: it would not take long or a mistake would be corrected by a random Wikipedia user. Also they do not offer advertising in their articles. As result you will find many references to Wikipedia… Rest assure: I have not copied and pasted info, i.e. every article you will find by my hand has been rewritten in concise way. When I quote a source, I clearly indicate that I am quoting.

How come that some articles disappear?

The articles did not disappear. They simply moved from location within this blog. I am experimenting with the menu of this blog: I am continuously trying to find a way to keep this blog alive and easy to browse. Please do yourself and me too a favor: bookmark only the starting page i.e. https://traveltricitypoland.com and not the subpages. The location of the articles change as the menu is continuously changing as well.

Why are external links opening in the same window?

Are you really that desperate losing the people on your blog? No, I am not. In this perspective I stumbled across a very nicely article written by Michael Schofield. I adopted the natural behavior of links opening in the same window. Michael describes in his article why links should open in the same window. Aside from that the project I am working for (Intel.com) has adopted the same strategy. I am not comparing myself with the big players out there but at the same time, I need to make a choice in this blog. Not easy, I know. Probably I will be losing people to my blog but so be it… So please be aware that links are opening in the same tab at the moment. If you want them to open in a new one, just CTRL+CLICK on a link. I’d be interested in hearing your point of view on this. Please comment in this blog!
To make things easier for you I have used 2 colors:

  • Green is the default color for external links.
  • Royal blue is the color for internal links.
Do you have a fan page on Facebook?

Not yet. I know it is a good idea to have one but I would like to have some articles first. Work in progress. No worries, I am getting there.  ?

How come you have such an easy writing style?

I know English native speakers will find this blog way too easy to understand. Other nationalities will find this blog just perfectly tailored to their level of understanding. In short, I want to be understood by as many people as possible. Also, I really don’t want to make the articles too long! If you want to learn more, just click on the links or google it. So an article is about 300 words.

Why are you moderating the comments?

The comments are moderated to be sure not to receive spam. I know, I know, it is not fully 100% waterproof but it helps!

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