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by Dan
Be a blogger and do what you are passionate about.

Be a blogger and do what you are passionate about.

Blog/Website Makeover

I always liked to be creative. From childhood I like writing stories and got lost in magical worlds. Later on I got acquainted with the Internet. Soon I started programming my own sites in HTML. That was in the early 90s in Belgium. The Internet was not so much of a thing back then. But soon the burst came: social media, website, blogs and all the alikes dragged people hours and hours in front of their pc-screens. While discovering all of the goodies, I came across the miracle to have literally in max 5 minutes a blog set up and started my journey of writing articles. That was some time ago. In this article we explore a service that traveltricitypoland.com offers: revamping your own blog with WordPress, a total blog/website makeover by redesigning, recoding and using a totally different layout for your site that will make your blog/website become more attractive.

Programming with wordpress, piece of cake to start a blog.

Programming with wordpress, piece of cake to start a blog.

The platform

I do not intend to offer a course on how to start a blog with WordPress. Please Google and YouTube the topic and within seconds you will find all the courses on how to start your own blog. WordPress is an enormous organisation. I do not pretend it is the best, the easiest, the most user-friendly but admit it… there are millions of users. When I started with my blog, I was charmed by the free templates that, hocus pocus, I could use in the wink of an eye to refurbish the layout. Yet, I decided to stick to one theme. At some point I became interested in how I could motivate people/companies/businesses to let me write articles about them. Aside from being able to write articles for free, I discovered the power of having a nice lay-out. That is why I decided to have my blog revamped: a new template suited to the purpose of the future development of this blog.

Coding: array, response, error, message, success...

Coding: array, response, error, message, success…

Coding and revamping

The free templates at some point offer limitations. When newer versions of WordPress are released, sometimes there are bugs. It is clear that at some point you may need a programmer to debug your blog or just revamp it. This is what Traveltricitypoland.com has done and since specialists are able to bring you to the next level we decided it is about time to offer a cool service: we can get your blog when you are using wordpress revamped or debugged, not for free but not for exhorbitant prices either. PHP is used as base coding language in WordPress so to do this we work with specialists.

A lot is possible and there are one million/zillion possibilities.

To help you out, please fill out the form below so that we can have an idea of what you want to achieve…

Blog/website makeover
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