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by Dan

Pub Browar Spółdzielczy in Garnizon.

Browar Spółdzielczy

I made a discovery. One of the many you would say and yet, this one counts to my favorites. As I was strolling around in Garnizon, I discovered this pub smiling at me. Spółdzielczy is one of the pubs that most definitely fall in the category: charming, trendy and enormously popular to locales. Google translate, translates it as ‘Cooperative‘. There you go… Let’s call this place ‘The Cooperative’ henceforth!


You see more and more foreigners here as well. When you end up here as a foreigner, in most cases a local invited you here. You must have been extremely lucky to discover it yourself as the entrance is not visible from the pavement going along Grunwald Avenue(Aleja Grunwaldzka). The entrance is visible from the square, one of the many you will see in garnizon. Garnizon is a trendy place and many foreigners decide to rent a flat here. It is a place that creates room for experiments like the Clipster concent for example: an initiative that boosts/promotes/guides start-ups. Once upon a time as the name ‘garnizon’ indicates, it hosted the military with their families. Afterwards there came office buildings with the tradional entertainment places attached to it. The ‘lonesome’ foreigner that I was got here actually on invite by locals. When entering this pub I was charmed by pictures hanging at the wall.

Pub Browar Spółdzielczy and this VIPS. You see the owners and other VIPs. The artistic photos give an added value to the entrance hall.

An ingenious beer-tapping concept

From the entrance hall you can see that the pub has some sections. This makes it a nicer stay and sort of lounge-like concept. Finding the way to the tap is a child’s play especially knowing that you will discover some locally brewed beers. When looking at the billboard I immediately knew: this place really has something to offer!

The billboard is changing now and then. Every 3 weeks you will find some new beers being advertised for. Depending on the season, time of the year, celebrations and special occasions you will find other selections have joined or left the board.

A unique concept of tasting

Not sure if you would like a beer? No problem! The bartender offers you a small wodka glass (no kidding) with the beer you would like to drink. Making up your mind like this is an awesome advertisement to welcome you as a guest and shows commercial insight. The front panel is linked to – obviously – a well-thought system of beer tapping. When you find it hard pronouncing the name, you just say the number. The degrees of alcohol already give you an idea what you could possibly like to order.

Once month there is a pre-tasting of the new beers entering the market. At moments like these you will find it extremely hard to even reach the bar from the outside. Some beer-watchers are meticulously scrutinizing the web for info about this event. Believe it or not but seems that whole of Poland is mobilized at that moment. The pub is, least you can say: trendy! In the weekends and especially the summer/touristic season you will have to be fast if you want to a spot. No worries though! You can make a reservation and be sure to have some seats waiting for you, or at least, you will have minimum one.

And above all

Do you want to know what really makes this brewery rock? I bet you never have heard of something like this before or you did and you think it is awesome as well. From their website:

Most of our cooperative members are people with disabilities, which had no chances on the labour market.

How beautiful is that?! This gives an added value to the beer you are drinking there and honestly… Having been there I can confirm: the beer you get, is tasty and it is brewed with passion!

When visiting their website you will notice they have the main brewery located in Puck, which is not particularly Gdańsk. However luckily for us, they have opened a pub in Garnizon as well.

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