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Long Market

by Dan

A hip-hop performance during summertime. Lots of artists are performing in the proximity of Neptune’s Fountain and Artus Court. On the background you have the historical houses owned by the Polish kings.

Long Market

Most famous buildings/monuments you will see in the Long Market. In this extension of the Long Lane, Polish merchants did business with their English, Dutch, Italian, … colleagues. Some foreign merchants bought a house in this area. As they came often to Gdańsk they wanted to have a place to live and work. Often they were found at Artus Court negotiating interesting business deals.

Mythology all around

You will find some mythology on the Long Market. Mythology denotes the importance of a city and radiates power. What can you wish more if even ancient gods are protecting you from harm? You may have the feeling to be in a meeting of Olympic gods gathered in a circle on top of the roofs of buildings. Neptune’s (Posejdon) is bowing respectfully to the King’s Houses at the other side of the square.

Part of the Royal Route

The Long Market is also part of the Royal Route. Kings used to take a specific route when entering the city. Continuing the way to the river will lead you to the Green Gate. Former president Lech Wałesa has an office here.

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