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RYŻ Restaurant Gdańsk

by Dan

Ryz, Oriental cuisine.

RYŻ Restaurant Gdańsk

When you are visiting Oliwa, you will find some nice places that offer your senses a true feast.

Eating out is most definitely something I like to do very much. Continuously I am looking for new places that in my humble opinion deserve to be written about. In no way do I want to compete with Tripadvisor or alikes but I really like providing some background info about the places I am going to just to offer something extra.

Near Oliwa park

A stone’s throw away from the park of Oliwa I was eager to try out a new place. That’s how I stumbled into RYŻ. It’s always nice to get a good meal not far out from your home and this is exactly what I got when I checked it out. Even though the exterior is not appealing (at the main road along the park). The enterior is sober as well.  However, the food is a jingle-bells of spices and aromas. There aren’t too many dishes so they specialize in every dish.

Ryz team members.

The Chef’s story starts in Australia

Warsaw born Piotr (English: Peter) decided that he wanted to become a Chef so he followed his dream to study Commercial Cookery and Hospitality management from experienced highly-qualified Chefs who taught him different cuisines and techniques. As Peter was eager to develop his skills quickly, he decided to work in Australia as apprentice in the renowned Bambini Trust&Wine restaurant where he got to chance to learn from Australia’s finest cooks. Afterwards he completed his training at Billsons with Tony BilsonBathers Pavilion with Serge DansereauLongrain with Martin Boetz, hitting the top with Quay with Peter Gilmore being ranked 26th in the San Pellegrino World’s Best Restaurants.

RYŻ – Polish for rice, is used in Thai to give you a warm welcome when said: “How are you?” in Thai, literally translated, it means: “Have u eaten rice yet?”

The South Korea experience

After his studies Peter left for Seoul, South Korea where he got introduced all facets of the Asian cuisine. Especially he was passionate about the Thai cuisine. This is precisely what forms the passion of the RYŻ restaurant: the harmony and balance of all ingredients, aromas and the different flavours of sweet, hot and sour that you will find nicely put together in the dishes.

Ryz thai cuisine.

Peter got the opportunity to learn from the MasterChef Sompon Nabnian in Chiang Mai. There he got a fresh insight on what the Thai cuisine has to offer. He travelled across South-East Asia appreciating the entire foodculture and how this is celebrated with friends and family. He brought a bit of this atmosphere at his RYŻ.

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