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by Dan
About me

Hello there!

Congrats for finding your way to my blog! While everyone has his/her own reasons to start one, mine was to keep track of all of the beautiful and interesting places I have been to, being a foreigner living and working in northern Poland. At the moment I cannot say I am one of the many Belgians living and working here but there are some. I have been a teacher in Merchtem, a community of Flanders for 15 years, teaching youngsters and training adults before I decided to redirect my life. At the moment I am webpublisher after having worked 2 years as a corporate accountant. I have worked for 2 years as webpublisher and in the same company I am working in now, I am IT Service desk agent for more than a year. Time is indeed not standing still…

50 articles further and here I am… Available with a Meet and Greet to guide you in this region of Poland.

My story in Poland

What brings me to Poland you may ask?! Well, let’s say romance is borderless and brings you just about anywhere… This thing happened to me and while being ‘kidnapped’ abroad ( I do not regret it one single second! Thank you Renatka!! Kusje!), I started to like the region I ended up in: the nature is breath-taking, there are lots of forests and lakes, the sea is nearby (dunes as well), but what also is worth mentioning is that in a radius of about 200 km there are such beautiful things to see that for me, personally, it was worth keeping track of and sharing this with you.

I am passionate about… this blog (lol), travelling, gaming (not hardcore though, well… at the moment they are banned… which means I can fully dedicate myself to this blog…), sports (running, biking, …), chillax (relaxing and chilling), spa & wellness, socializing and social networks.

Concept of this blog

Behold the creation of a blog specialized in one topic only (Can this be?) … promoting places in Poland, in this sequence:

  • The City of Gdańsk… Work in progress!
  • Tri-City, region in Northern Poland, involving 3 cities: Gdańsk, Gdynia and Sopot, often referred to as ‘Tricity/Tri-city’ (or ‘Trójmiasto’ in Polish)

I focus on:

  • foreigners/tourists/expats
  • local businesses

Pictures say more than a thousand words. Every picture was taken either by contributors to this blog or by myself.

What do you need?

Explore what I can do for you here in Poland.

Explore what I can do for you in a technical point of view.


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