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FIVE SENSES float spa

by Dan

Five Senses Float Spa: owners Karol Nowiński and Patryk Sidor.

FIVE SENSES float spa


While being located in Gdansk centre you might want to go out and get some welness. Luckily you do not have to walk that far from the city centre. I already had written about a trendy pub in ‘Garnizon’, a former location where the military had their barracks. Not far from that pub, you will find the ‘FIVE SENSES float spa’ which was created thanks to the passion and experience of the two young owners Karol Nowiński and Patryk Sidor. To get their experience, they had worked for several spa centres: Stena Line, VINE Resort & SPA in Głęboczek (a renowned spa centre in a small village) and for the Hilton Gdansk hotel.

Five Senses Float Spa: a deep state of relaxation.

Both became interested in ways to destress. Early in their career they got in touch with forms of aquatic bodywork for deep relaxation and passive aquatic therapy. While attending such workshops they learned about ‘Floating’. Very soon they knew the experience is something they would want to share.

‘Five Senses Float Spa’, not just a name

They decided to get into action and start-up their own business: ‘FIVE SENSES float spa’. The company name was not chosen randomly. Five senses reflects what is happening during the floating session: the senses of a person get minimized. Floating is the ability to stop and slow down the rush of our lives. It brings you back to a deep state of relaxation by isolating external stimuli. By being in such a state, you get to feel and experience a total different level of relaxation, something you haven’t experienced before. A session typically lasts for minimum an hour and has the same ritual: it starts and ends with music. What’s in between is a very personal and unique experience that varies from person to person.

Five Senses Float Spa: different massages at your disposal.

Professional massages

To get an extra benefit from a floating session, you might want to decide to combine it with a massage session. Often, packages are bought so that you can experience the best destressing process as can be. The massages that Spa guests experience, contain elements from different massage or relaxation styles, such as shiatsu, reflexology, acupressure, stretching and classical Swedish massage. This also offers a unique experience.

The positive effects last a while

At ‘FIVE SENSES float spa’, you can enjoy home comforts, professional service and top-level treatments. After visiting the Spa centre, the state of blissful relaxation and the flow of positive energy remain in your body for the next days.

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