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Taking the Bus

by Dan

Open air bus garage.

Taking the bus with these apps is eas(y)ier

Travelling by bus can be a hassle. The problem is that not every bus driver can speak English. Here again you will see that useful online applications or downloadable apps can safe the day. People are always ready to help out.

1. Planning your route
  • I often use an app called: Jak Do Jade (means: How to reach… ?)

With the online mobile version of the application (as alternative for the full website version), you can plan your route ahead and check the timetables. You can also download it from the various shops: Google Play for AndroidWindows store and Apple iTunes.
The app offers a combination between various means of transport when browsing for connections and destinations, including the transport by train.
It tells you the location of the closest bus- or tram station and how much time you need to reach your destination with all the intermediary stops or changes you would have to take in between.

  • Another useful app only for the bus is: myBus.

You can download it from Google Play for AndroidApple iTunesWindows Phones.
The app starts offers a dynamic timetable taking into account the real-time data gathered from GPS devices equipped in buses.

2. Buying the bustickets

You can buy the tickets either at the kiosk, ‘Bilety’-shops, ZTM ticket machines or directly from the driver. Usually I buy a ticket directly from the ZTM ticket machine or bus driver. Taking the bus can be tricky at times. Luckily there’s always a helpful English speaking companion-traveller who can help me out in case of need.
On board, you cannot pay by credit card and paying by bills are mostly not accepted. You will need small coins, preferably the exact amount.
When you buy the ticket from the bus driver you will have to validate them prior to boarding, else you will have to use the validation machines equipped on the buses.

3. Bus connection from the airport to Gdańsk City Centre (and vice versa)

If you will want to go from the Airport to Gdańsk City Centre you will have to take bus 210 (webpage in Polish but you can focus on the route, the translation of some words below help you to understand) with the direction to Orunia Gościnna. At the airport, you will have the explanation in English. If not, I recommend learning these words.

You will be dropped off at Gdańsk Główny, Gdańsk Main train station which is a stone’s throw away from the city centre. Such a ride will take you depending on traffic about 45 minutes. Always ensure to go into the right direction because at times connections are going both ways.

Going to the airport, you will need to take the bus with end station Osowa PKP (Train station of Osowa).

In districts where there aren’t that many passengers small buses are servicing common connections.

4. Price of a busticket from the airport to Gdańsk City Centre (and vice versa)

If you will want to go from the Airport to Gdańsk City Centre you will have to take bus 210. You will be dropped off at Gdańsk Główny, Gdańsk Main train station which is a stone’s throw away from the city centre. Such a ride will take you depending on traffic about 45 minutes.

The bus fare is 3.20 PLN for a single ride or 3.80 PLN for a one-hour, multi-ride ticket that can be combined with other ZTM (bus and tram) lines within Gdańsk. My advice is to have coins and matching the price of the ticket.

5. Night buses

Night buses are commonly known as party buses. Even though people shouldn’t build parties on them, this is exactly what is done.

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