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Taking the Taxi/Cab

by Dan

Taxi’s/cabs waiting for passengers at the taxi station at the Golden Gate in Gdańsk Centre in Tricity.

Choosing your taxi-ride

I guess it is pretty much the same in every country when it comes to taking the taxi/cab when it comes to the price. People feel ripped off. Some questions pop up: What is the fair price of a ride? What to do or not to do? How to deal with taxi-drivers that do not speak English?

A. My advice about travelling by taxi
  • Do not take a taxi at the airport or at the bus stop, always call a radio taxi or preferably book a taxi online

By default you will be charged more if you take the taxi driver that is waiting for you. If you do not care, have a go but it is worth planning this ahead and being equipped with the right apps and/or Internet access and/or telephone numbers not to get cheated. The Neptun taxiservice (196-86) is the official taxi service connecting the airport to Gdańsk centre. It will cost you more when you use them.

  • Still, ask each time for the price before you board a taxi

There are some other taxis out there but what I am doing before I am entering a taxi to drive me to my destination is asking for the price to my destination.

  • Do not take a taxi from people offering you taxi service which happens normally during high season as unofficial taxi services are by default a rip off

Taxi’s work with 3 rates which you can see on board on the taxi device: rate 1 is the normal day rate while rate 3 is the weekend night rate which is the most expensive.

  • Do not ask taxi drivers about night clubs

I know this may sound strange but quite unbelievable stories emerged about people going to night clubs and being ripped off for a ridiculous exorbitant amount of money. Some taxi drivers might be – when asked – advertising for night clubs as they get a percentage for every customer that is going there. Up to you to enjoy this side of night life but bear the risk. Aside from night clubs there are other ways you can enjoy the night life without getting ripped off.

The official Neptun taxi service advertised at a bus stop near a shopping mall.

B. Prices From The Airport to Gdańsk City Centre

During evenings and official holidays you will pay extra by default. Prices may vary but if you use the standard taxi services at the airport, it will cost around 80 PLN (about 20 EUR/USD) during weekdays for a 20 minute ride over a distance of about 16 km. You can travel cheaper though. A price of 60 PLN is more reasonable. Fact is, when you prebook your ride it is cheaper. Using the standard Uber service is as far as I know the cheapest, this ride will cost you about 40 PLN. And if this price is still too much for you, I warmly recommend taking the train for 3.50 PLN.

C. Choosing The Taxi Service

I admit, yes, I am using Uber. The reason is obvious, in tricity it is one of the cheapest way of transport. I never have had negative experiences travelling with them here. You can check the price of the fare estimate comparing with other services online with for example the TaxiFareFinderRideGuru. Get the Uber app from the Android Google PlayWindows and Apple iTunes store. This service is linked to your bank account you have had to set before using it.

I also have used more standard services but that are worth mentioning. EcoCar for example has a very easy phone number: 123456789 (I am not sure whether it works with the phone of foreign mobile numbers though). Get the app from the Google PlayWindows and Apple iTunes store and try it out. On board you can pay cash or by card.

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