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One of the lakes in Osowa. In this lake you can rent little boats in summer season. Throughout the year you can find people fishing.


As I was thinking about how this blog should look like and trust me I had given it a good thought, I wanted to have a starting point. What better location is there as the point where you live? At this stage sorry to disappoint you, this place is not touristic. But, for those of you that do not mind setting a foot out of the touristic trendy places, for sure it is worth exploring the beautiful surroundings. Then I realized that this is not the way forward. Choosing Gdańsk Old Town or Main Town as a starting point for this blog seemed a way better option.

Osowa is a neighbourhood of Gdańsk. It is not touristic but very centrally located as it is at a stone’s throw away from the city centres of Gdańsk, Gdynia and Sopot. Because of this reason a lot of apartment buildings are being built there.

When exploring the google map you can see there are 2 lakes bordering this town and when you hit the satellite button (thank you Google), you can see how many forests are surrounding it.

It is close to the belt around Gdańsk (Obwodnica Trójmiejska) which is connecting the 3 cities Gdansk, Gdynia and Sopot – hence ‘Tricity/Tri-city’ or ‘Trójmiejska’.

Thanks to European funds, a train connection has been built connecting Osowa with Wrzeszcz, where you might want to go shopping in Gdansk’s first built shopping centre Galeria Bałtycka. You are almost in the city centre of Gdańsk then. Furthermore Osowa is located between Wrzeszcz and Gdynia.

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