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Glad you found your way to this travel blog… I know, I know… one of the many out there! Honestly, I started this blog just to keep track for myself about all the beautiful things I have seen in this region of Poland.

Concept of this blog
  • Behold the creation of a blog specialized in one topic only (Can this be?) … promoting places in Poland, in this sequence:
    • The City of Gdańsk… Work in progress!
    • Tri-City, region in Northern Poland, involving 3 cities: Gdańsk, Gdynia and Sopot, often referred to as ‘Tricity/Tri-city’ (or ‘Trójmiasto’ in Polish)
    • Outside of Tricity: places that you can visit in a radius of about 200km starting from Gdansk, or even further if it is worth sharing. Renting a car or going when you can by public transport is a worth if you stay for longer than a couple of days…
  • I focus primarily on foreigners/tourists/expats providing impressions about the places that I think are worth seeing in Gdańsk and tricity. I am working on Gdańsk at the moment. Gdynia and Sopot will be discussed as well.
  • Pictures say more than a thousand words, so you will find lots of them in this blog. Every picture was taken either by contributors to this blog or by myself.
Starting point of this blog

Obviously your starting point will be where you will start your journey exploring the city. In order to have a starting point in Gdańsk, I suggest we start off at the Old Town, the town centre.


If you want to reach out, please mail to: info@traveltricitypoland.com.

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